There are few professions that are as rewarding as teaching. Equally, there are few that are as frustrating and exhausting. A teacher becomes more than an educator, they become a surrogate parent, a social worker, someone who has to respond to the latest edict from upon high whilst maintaining some resemblance of a life outside. There are many helpful books and websites, some predicated on research, some selectively choosing research and some frankly selling snake oil. My intention here is to ground everything on an academic footing and relate this to practice. Comments are very welcome indeed, the profession will thrive when views and ideas are shared. I don’t intend to censor or moderate comments, but request everyone be polite and civil, even if they disagree. Any views expressed here are my own.

A blog is an exercise in self-writing. A guide for conduct – or hupomnemata. So although this blog is about the teaching profession and the interplay it has with democracy, politics and philosophy, it can also write into existence what we might do differently and how we may think differently about ourselves.

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