About me…

I have 23 years experience in the English post-16 system, from classroom teacher to senior leader, I have spent all my career working with and being part of inner city institutions with a wide diversity of students. I have a passion for the underdog and the power of education to transform lives.

This blog was originally produced for my MA (Education Leadership &
Management). It’s purpose was to gather research evidence inspired
predominantly by the later work of Michel Foucault –
particularly that on power, discourse, governmentality and ethics.

The blog will now continue to record my journey to dissect the foundations of education, utilising Foucault’s toolbox and taking inspiration
from the likes of Dewey , Illich and Freire as the interlink between education, politics, democracy and philosophy is examined.

So I continue here with my thoughts and hope to be joined by contributors who consider themselves

…close confidants who share similar experiences of domination (Scott , 1990).